Mr. Martin Zich





Mr. Martin Zich
Information Security Solution Architect – EMEA
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Martin Zich, Security Solution Architect EMEA, Technology Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Martin is 8+ years experienced security consultant focused not only on IT security or information security and overall cyber-defense having background in cryptology, cryptanalysis and related mathematics. He delivers IT security and IT infrastructure advisory to big enterprise from various industries among the whole EMEA region. Apart from technical advisory he is also experienced in compliance such as GDPR which is nowadays hot topic or standard frameworks such as ISO 27000.

FSI relevant experience:
Martin, among other security projects at FSI, was part of the team which executed the first contactless payment implementation in The Czech republic, he also architected 3D-Secure and parts of eCommerce solution at a major player of banking sector as well.